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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does your company have a pattern? We don’t use a pattern. I think knitting and crocheting should be fun. So I say make whatever pattern you want and be creative. I’m a big believer in make what makes you happy.

2. Does your company use a specific brand? We don’t use a specific brand of yarn. We don’t like to limit your creativity. We feel when making something that you’re donating you should have fun with it.


3. Does your company have a specific need? Yes, we mostly need adult size hats, scarves, cowls, ear warmers, and mittens. Most of our need is for adult items. 

4. Where do you donate to? If you look under are donation tab on the website. You can see where we previously donated in past years. I do a lot of research about the company that we are donating to and make sure that their not just putting the items donated up for sale.

5. Where should I send the items to be donated?  Knitting and Crocheting for Charity at  32545 Greenbriar Ave., Warren, MI 48092.

6. Can I send your company my spare crochet hooks, knitting needles, circular needles, etc.? Yes, we take all donated items and we share them with the local volunteers.

7. Do you take yarn donation as well? Yes, the yarn we receive will be given to the local volunteers to make items for the homeless.

8. Will I get a tax write off? At the end of the year you will get a receipt for all of the items you donated. So please make sure we have your full name and address.

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